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Alexis is located in the Hotel Alexis, Ancol area. Here, there are restaurants, music lounges, karaoke rooms, and spa and massage. Medium rates applied.

Music lounge, located on the ground floor next to the hotel lobby. Lounge music is called ‘4 Play’ and to get into this place we must pay entry charge of Rp. 100.000,-. Inside, you can enjoy music lounge and “PR(Public Relations)” girls will come to you to accompany you drink, of course you pay for all the consequences of their drinking bill. There are dancer girls who reportedly topless dancers and there is also a very interesting “show” behind a glass.

Karaoke room, located on floor 3 and 3A, with a simple design and clean, I think this place is very good and sound system for karaoke is good too. Companion ladies are also available, and according to my opinion, companion ladies are here prettier.

Massage and Spa, located on the 7th floor of the hotel. Very nice interior design with a lot choices of therapists.


If you want to spend your night in Alexis, specify your choice whether to go to the “4play”, karauke or spa. Once you arrive in the lobby, no one will guide you to your destination. Because of a very busy weekend, when you come after 10 pm, it’s a good idea to valet parking your car, due to limited parking space. If you want to fourplay, please go to the left side of the hotel receptionist.

If you want to karaoke room, go to the lift located behind the receptionist desk, then press the number 3, upon arrival at the 3rd floor, you will immediately find a receptionist for karaoke, then you request for a karaoke room. When busy, you probably will not get a place. But if you willing to wait, go to 3A floor, there are many ladies companion you can see. You can also choose from that place, just ask the ‘mami’ to book them, but still waiting for a room. Usually ‘mami’ has a special room, if you order LC, ‘mami’ will give their rooms.

Or you are tired and want a spa and massage, just press on the 7th floor, but for last order spa and massage, usually about 11 pm.


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